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The National Art Education Assocation


I have one word about this association.



I have had incredible opportunities come from my involvement in NAEA, met amazing art educators, worked on incredible projects and been able to see parts of our country all from being a member and becoming involved.


Through my work with my state association, VAEA and then the National Art Education Association I had the opportuntity to work on the new

National Art Standards



 2018: A Line of NAEA Southeastern Vice Presidents

 Larry Barnfield, Betsy Logan, Deb Pylypiw, Pat Franklin, Barbara Laws, Debi West, Scott Russell, Meg Skow




NAEA Vice President-elects at NAEA Leadership Summit, Santa Fe NM, 2014

with Cris Guenter, June Krinsky-Rudder and Cindy Todd


 2014: A Line of NAEA Southeastern Vice Presidents

 VP-Elect - me, VP Debi West, Georgia, outgoing VP Deb Pylypiw, North Carolina, Pat Franklin, Past VP and NAEA President-Elect, Virginia, Betsy Logan, Pastx3 VP, Alabama.  (Missing Larry Barnfield Pastx2 VP, South Carolina)


Southeastern Vice President, Debi West and VP Elect, Scott Russell


Assessment Panel for NAEA Webinar with Laura Milas, Dennis Inhulsen and Robert Sabol, 2014


Writing team for National Art Standards, 2012


I was involved in the review and revision of this 1999 document, later published in 2014




2012, Given the opportunity to meet and interview past NAEA Presidents

including Elliot Eisner, Chuck Qualley, Bonnie Rushlow, Mary Ann Stankewicz, MacArthur Goodwin




2011: With NAEA SE Art Stars, Pat Franklin, Barbara Laws, Pam Taylor and Larry Barnfield








DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.