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Why Should You Take Art Classes in High School? 

We asked some alumni; What did Art meant to you, what did you get out of Art, how you feel that Art classes prepared you for college, career or life? Why is it Art important for thinking and learning?


If you're one of my former students and would like to contribute reasons to take Art in HS, please send me an email or go to the teacher page on Boyer Valley's Artsonia Website.


My first experience with art as a class was in college because in high school I had to many required classes to take and could not fit elective classes into my schedule. I wish that I had been able to take more formal art training then I wouldn't have had to used stick drawing when I was teaching young children. I do fine in the arts and craft areas and appreciation of art. putting mind pictures to paper would be very relaxing and rewarding that I would encourage anyone to some how make room in schedules for this elective course. they will never regret it.

 received from jsbramley on 5/22/2017


I know that without Mr. Mallory's art classes I would not be where I am today. In college I studied Interior Design at a school with controlled enrollment. There where several art classes where you where required to create a portfolio of art and they selected around 25% of applicants to continue in the program. I was lucky to have an understanding of many mediums thanks to my high school experience. I still use my art and design background on a regular basis and I still use many of Mr. Mallorys lessons. I am thankful to have attended a school that encouraged art, home economics and woods classes. I often use the lessons learned in these classes. I hope many future students are given this same opportunity. You never know where life will take you, so a well rounded education is the best way to prepare students for whichever direction their life will take them.
received from Cemalone11 on 5/25/2016
I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to take several types of art classes...even more grateful they were taught by Ted. He's not only an excellent art teacher but a great history teacher as well.
received from Mjgomez09 on 5/10/2016

Thank you for letting me be my self and draw in the style that I loved you helped spark my pasion in art.
received from d8co on 5/22/2016
Mr. Mallory is a great educator and mentor. Being in his art classes showed me that art is a way to release emotions that you may not know how to talk about. I was a 911 dispatcher for nine years and used art and crafting as an outlet. Mr. Mallory not only is a great teacher, but a great friend. I know I spent a lot of time in his classroom outside of art class and talked to him about anything and everything. Mr. Mallory would listen to me and provide me with sound advice and wouldn't judge. I have seen him help many other students with bigger problems than I had. As I have gotten older, I've realized how important things like art and music are for everyone. It bothers me how much emphasis some people put on getting perfect grades or doing the best on a sports team but not pay any attention to art and other classes. I had a discussion at work with a 10 year old who was talking about taking music lessons. My coworker told the child to "stick with baseball." I proceeded to tell him that he should do whatever he is interested in. I feel like having art and other classes in schools opens people's eyes to things they may not experience otherwise. You never know something you may enjoy of you don't try it, whether it's because you haven't been exposed to it, or that you think it's "uncool." The experiences I had in art classes have helped me become a person who can think outside the box, be an accepting person, and to deal with my own stress in a constructive way.
received from sadieann47 on 5/22/2016
Taking art gave me the ability to look at ordinary things or ideas and see them from many perspectives. As a result, I find it easier to grasp abstract concepts. This has tremendously helped me while advancing my education which in turn has helped me with my career endeavors. Particularly in things that are not to be considered black and white such as but not limited to Ecomics, Financial Markets, and Corporate Strategy. Art has also been a medium for expression for me, and it gave me the ability to better express how I feel about something when I struggled to find words. Art has been a huge help in my life and I am sure it is that way for many others.
received from cjnichols on 5/22/2016

As a child art was always my favorite class, because it was the one class that wasn't judged by correct punctuation and spelling but allowed me to use my imagination and creativity! I believe everyone needs to have the time and place to show there talents. I still draw and sketch when I'm trying to find a constructive release from the everyday stress of life!! Keep up the good work. Thank you for keeping the imagination fired up in my kids.
received from rajeanasanders on 5/20/2016
Mr. Mallory is the best!!! I went into the career of cosmetology after high school and am so glad to have had 4 years of art classes. I am now raising my two boys in the Boyer Valley community and would be devastated if they couldn't experience the art opportunities that I experienced in school. Bottom line Art education is so important to have in our schools! Please keep this wonderful program rolling for future students. Laura Schaben
received from Heller_ll on 5/10/2016
Mr. Mallory was my high school art/photography/yearbook teacher 18+ years ago. He really instilled in me a great appreciation for art and design. While I majored in Biology in college I continued to take art courses because I felt it gave a wonderful balance to my education and my life. Over the years I have continued to reach out to Mr. Mallory for advice on art, design and photography related topics and he has always responded with the warmth of an old friend and a professional in his field. I would highly encourage anyone considering taking one of his classes to go for it!
received from Xelatarnelli on 5/10/2016
When I think of art, I think of perception. What I mean by perception is that no one sees the same way; for example someone may see a certain color but the next person looking at the same color may think it looks slightly different, or they may feel emotion when they look at it. There is art everywhere you look, the car you drive to work, the building you look at, your very own high school, and even your clothes you wear everyday are all art. Some may think that art is not important, but let me say this, it is one of the most important classes in high school a student can take. Why? Art stimulates the right side of the brain which is the side that controls emotion, intuition, and creativity. The left side of the brain is what is being stimulated in high school from math, science and reading. Taking art in high school helps train both sides of the brain to work together, and this has shown to improve the overall function in the students brain equalling better concentration and grades. I remember in high school when I first started art, it was difficult at first but as I continued it got easier because I was training my brain to switch from the left hemisphere over to the right. Mr. Mallory stresses this a lot in his art classes, and I am happy because I am now able to paint and draw to where it almost looks like a photograph. I also noticed it helps me retain the material I learned in class better. The one lesson that I learned from Mr. Mallory's art classes is that nothing is going to be perfect, you will always make mistakes and that it is completely OK. In my mind I truly believe that is what makes art, nothing is ever perfect you only improve with mistakes.
received from chelsykremin on 5/10/2016
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