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Principled, Conceptual, Intentional

Students are important to me. It is imperative to me that students think, learn and grow as they create- rather than merely producing products to  hang in the hallway.


I've been teaching for twenty-five years, both in public and parochial schools. A native of Phoenix, Arizona, I attended college in Seward, Nebraska and have taught in both Los Angeles, California and Dunlap, Iowa. 


Visual & Verbal

I have a double major in both Art and History/Social Studies. I once dreamed of being an editorial cartoonist for a major newspaper, but found I'd rather build up young minds than take pot-shots at public figures. You might say that my original interests have fed my teaching; both analytic and expressive, both conceptual and practical.

In social studies, I try to help students to make connections with analogies and mental pictures. While in art I try to help students discover how they can communicate their ideas effectively and with the most impact.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.