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In addition to History/Social Studies, Art and Yearbook, I also teach a Web Design & Web Programming class. First semester I teach students to code in HTML5 and then second semester we apply visual design principles and use software like Adobe's Dreamweaver.


Boyer Valley Community Schools contracts me to be their “Website Coordinator.” Visit our website at http://www.boyer-valley.k12.ia.us


Depending on the month, I spend from an hour to ten hours uploading and updating content. Generally administrators and staff email pictures, write-ups and forms to me. Occasionally I’ll take pictures or design graphics. Several of thes graphics can be seen in my "GRAPHIC DESIGN" gallery.


If you’d like me to do something comparable, I’d  probably need your IT Director to, or PPP D to grant me access to the server, a password, maybe an email address.


I could also serve as your Web Consultant; I might make some minor additions/changes to your site if that’s possible but then basically show the administration & secretarial staff how to use Google docs, calendar & sheets instead of the usual Word and Excel they’re probably used to and we’d use Google to generate code which is pasted on the Website so that much of your content would end up being updated in real time without anyone even realizing it.


Or, if you’re looking for an overhaul, I could probably swing that too, between DreamWeaver, PhotoShop and InDesign, I could Design & Build you a new site. Again, I’d need access from your IT Dir.


Needless to say we could negotiate either fees or hourly rates for Coordinator, Consultant or Designer.


Here are some links to Websites I’ve developed. While these are “blogs” on free services which provide templates, I designed most of the graphics myself.

Here is a preview of the site I was building for BVCSD before we negotiated our new contract with the service we use for our Website.


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