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Art is for Everyone

Art is a Thinking

“Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.”

~Paul Klee

“Teaching people to draw is teaching people to look.”

~David Hockney

Art is for everyone, not just for those with special talents or students planning on a career in art.

Obviously Arts encourage creativity, problem solving, opportunities for empathy, self-reflection (and therefore personality development), and personal expression.

But we also have an urgent need for visual literacy. Art is too often marginalized as "enrichment," and thought to just be about "feelings."

Art plays a vital role in the development of conceptual thinking, critical thinking, and communication skills.

In today's hyper-visual society it is imperative that students develop perceptual and design skills, not only so that they can communicate more effectively, but so that they can be more effective consumers of visual, especially online communications.


Art is a means for teaching critical thinking skills. I was trained in Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE), so I cover all for areas in each of my classes; Art History, Aesthetics/Design Theory, Art Making, and Art Criticism. 


This doesn't mean that I'm unaware of or opposed to TAB or other pedegogies. I try to integrate as much student choice and decision making into each of my classes as I can, but I tend to use a more balanced approach, rather than 100% teacher-directed or 100% student-choice.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.