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"When I get to heaven I mean to spend a considerable portion of my first million years in painting, and so get to the bottom of the subject..." ~Winston Churchill


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'Bulldog Mascot' oil on canvas 16"x24" 2010 NFS


Sometimes former students become dear friends. One such friend attended my alma mater for college. He'd been out mascot (I coach cheerleading) and he mascotted for our college (where I had once been a yell-leader). After getting his Master's degree in London, he moved back to the area. I painted this for a housewarming gift for his first house


I think it really has a Wayne Thiebaud Pop-Art feel to it, which is what I was going for. Thiebaud is one of my favorite painters and I've always wanted to do something like he would. Thiebaud was born in Arizona, like me, only 50 years before me. Unlike Roy Lichtenstein, Thiebaud actually started out as a cartoonist, working for Disney for a while.

The Pop-Art thing is perfect because it should be upbeat and fun, and the decorating style of the recipient is pretty clean and contemporary.
 I often thought about selling it as a poster maybe as an art department fundraiser, alas it hasn't seemed to have inspired muhc interest. Cest la vie, It's still one of my alltime favorite works.

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