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"Cartooning is about deconstruction; you gotta tear somehting down to make a joke." ~Berke Breathed

"I actually find a lot of parallels in jazz and cartooning." ~Gary Larson


I wanted to be a cartoonist since I was in fifth grade. My best friend and I were constandly making up our own super heroes. In junior high I studied everything I could find about newspaper comic strips and magazine panel cartoons. In high school my dream was to become a political cartoonist for a major newspaper. Alas, this was about as unlikely as bececoming a huge rock star, movie star or pro athlete.


For a brief while, my cartoons were published in a regional weekly newspaper. I still occasionaly cartoon and I teach students that cartooning is a terrific way of thinking on paper, useful for journaling, note taking and communicating. It's more developed than doodling but much more streamline and quick than full-blown (realistic) drawing.


Interested in seeing more of my cartoons? I used to keep a blog which essentially became a repository for cartoons and collages from 1984-2013:




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.