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I am available for judging 4-H and Open Class photography and artwork for local and county fairs in Western Iowa. Contact me or check with ISU Extension office. These are the 4-H categories I've received training for:


  • Creative Arts: Digital Photography

  • Creative Arts: Photography

  • Personal Development: 4-H Posters

  • Personal Development: Citizenship

  • Personal Development: Communication

  • Personal Development: Digital Storytelling

  • Personal Development: Leadership

  • Personal Development: Self-Determined

Students learn an enormous amout from 4-H and from the ehibit/judging process. I beleive that our role as judges is not just to evaluate, but to educate and encourage exhibitors to "make the best better."


Undergoing the review/critique process is part of learning. 4-H's adherence to the "Danish System" makes sure that students are recognized for their effort and their learning, not just rewarded for having one of the top three finished products submitted. This is a philosophy I share as a teacher- it's neither about cut-throat competition, nor about building self-esteem, it's about "formative" assessment which continues teaching even while it guages students' progress.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.