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Portrait of a Place

also known as 

Space & Place Project

a project designed by Olivia Gude

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Who are we? How do we experience “our place” in the world?

We carry the places we have been within us.


In this project you will make a portrait of a part of yourself, not by literally making a picture of yourself, but rather by picturing a place that is a part of who you are.


Remember a place from your childhood.

Create a cut paper collage image of the place.

Do not try to create perspective-based visual realism.

Instead concentrate on “psychological realism” through awareness of what has
               “stayed with you," what has stayed in you?


Aim to recollect and represent the nuances of the place.

You can use evocative  words as well as images to draw others into the memory of
               your place.

What’s important in the picture you create will be what was important to you—
               what you noticed and experienced.


Teachers, this is an “anti-perspective project.”

It is about making art from the perspective of a student’s life experiences.

Through this project, students will become aware that personal experiences can be the basis for artmaking.


The process of making this artwork in which spaces are created, shifted, added to, and altered is analogous to the process of remembering. We do not see remembered places from a single, fixed point of view.


Attempting to turn this into a project through which you teach one-point (or two-point or three-point ) perspective is antithetical to the intent of this project. It is to forbidden to teach fixed point linear perspective through this project.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Project plans for Space & Place, aka Portrait of a Place

including i

> ideas for presentation on artists

> worksheet to assist students in recollecting various places

> guided meditation script for teacher to support students in visualizing

> response form--focused not on critique, but on sharing and understanding


Portrait of a Place Project Plan 2019.pdf


Recollect some SPACES or PLACES worksheet.pdf


Space & Place Memory Enhancer.pdf 


Space & Place Response Form.pdf

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