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Katherine, Anne, Sharif, and Olivia are critical friends who have learned much from each other and have each understood our own work better because of the hours that we've spent preparing for this session--discussing images, ideas, and activities for our art classrooms.


We share the belief that quality art education practices are always new, never finished. There is no singular set of best practices in art education that work for all  students in all places at all times.


Quality art education invites students into discursive and material spaces in which they can make real art, not just things that are art facsimiles. Quality art education supports students individually and collaboratively in pursuing their own creative and artistic research as contributors to a vibrant democratic culture.


It is our hope that this session inspires you to engage in dialogue with fellow artist teachers as you ask profound and searching questions about the processes,purposes, and products of art education. Ask hard questions, nurture your own creativity, and believe that what we do in our art classrooms makes a difference.


Assess  your success by asking:

How do I know that the students are functioning as real artists—making meaningful choices, making meaning—for themselves, their peers, and their communities?

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.