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What aspects of reality get left out when teachers spend so much curricular time on realistic representational perspective drawing and not on identifying stories and styles with which students can communicate about their lives?

Over the last few years, I've developed a number of versions of a "Crumpled Characters" or "Drawing Dirty" project.

This project fills gaps in much contemporary art education curriculum.

* It supports students in exploring narratives about "quirky" personal experiences.

* It teaches strategies for making narrative pictures--effectively uniting formal awareness and representational conventions in the service of storytelling.

* It expands students' abilities to experience, interpret, utilize, and enjoy expressionist aesthetic practices--expanding their appreciation of good art beyond realist drawing and painting. 

* It teaches students to embrace mess and unexpected developments--to 


For descriptions and examples of variations of this project,

see the Spiral Workshop ePortfolio:

Department of Decomposition group:

     Gothic High School Horrors project

Fluidity: Wet Media group:                                                     

     Stain in the Membrane project.

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Dirty Workshop

Presentation for teaching a dirty workshop,

     includes detailed project plans, key concepts and quotes, and examples of artwork that explores dirty content

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.