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Cannas & Corn: A Garden Community by Olivia Gude and community members at the Chicago Transit Authority Central Park Pink Line Station



<<   Two Women on the Street

I've added the text/images of an article originally published in Feminist Studies Journal. It discusses the gendered experiences of women working in public space and the implications of seeing large-scale images of women in public spaces in various contexts. 


<< Structure Is Space mosaic installation 

a mosaic installation and related community arts projects and exhibition

Also in this chapter, there is a presentation in a pdf format  that can be used on full screen mode as an image presentation that describes the process of organizing, researching, making, and installing the intricate glass-tile mosaics


<< NAEA 2010 presentation on community-based art

I so enjoyed sharing my community-based public art work with folks at the National Art Education Association conference in Baltimore. 


I've been adding many images and texts about this work to this portfolio so take a browse through the many chapters.


<< Where We Come From....Where We're Going

a mural in which passersby talk about their thoughts as they move through urban space, painted at a commuter train station


<<Open Books, Open Minds, Open Lands

a mural painted with high school students to enliven a windowless eating area. Still a fresh looking mural--painted back in the days when information mostly circulated through books!


For more examples of community-based collaborative public art and how-to guides on organizing and creating collaborative murals, mosaics, and sculptures, check out 

>> Chicago Public Art Group's Community Public Art Guide


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.