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Psycho-Aesthetic Geography in Art Education

This article, published in 2003, begins with imagined standards for K-12 art education:



*  The students will understand the ways in which the spaces they inhabit shape the intellect and spirit of human beings.


*  The students will recognize that places in the 21st century are created (preserved or manufactured) by human choice and effort.


*  The students will participate in altering and re-creating the human psyche by individually and collaboratively altering and re-creating spaces within their everyday lives.



At the time, it didn't seem likely that such thinking would become real recommended standards for quality art education. However, the National Visual Arts Standards adopted in 2014 include this Enduring Understanding and related standards:


People create and interact with objects, places, and design that define, shape, enhance, and empower their lives.


Some of the related standards:


Individually or collaboratively construct representations, diagrams, or maps of places that are part of everyday life.


Document, describe, and represent regional constructed environments.


Identify, describe, and visually document places and/or objects of personal significance.


Design or redesign objects, places, or systems that meet the identified needs of diverse users.


Collaboratively develop a proposal for an installation, artwork, or space design that transforms the perception and experience of a particular place.


The welcoming character in the Marvelous Surrealist Café mural pictured above quotes Andres Breton:

The imaginary is that which tends to become real. 


Whenever I'm feeling down, I remind myself that it is actually foolish to not be willing to see that change sometimes does happen. 


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Psycho-Aesthetic Geography in Art Education:

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