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Click this link for contact information for the NAEA Board of Directors


President:Kim Defibaugh

Past-President: Patricia Franklin


NAEA Vice Presidents
Eastern Region: Diane Wilkin

Pacific Region: Cris Guenter

     Elect: James Rees

Southeastern Region: W. Scott Russell

     Elect: Meg Skow

Western Region: Cindy Todd

     Elect: Bob Reeker

NAEA Division Directors

Elementary: Jennifer Dahl

     Elect: Michelle Lemons

Middle: Peter Curran

     Elect: Kathryn Rulien-Bareis

Secondary: Josh Drews!

     Elect:Kim Soule

Supervision/Administration: Elizabeth Stuart

     Elect: Lorinda Rice

Higher Education:  Jeffrey Broome

     Elect: Amy Pfeiler-Wunder

Museum: Michelle Grohe

     Elect: Juline Chevalier

Preservice: Jessica Burton

     Elect: Tori Lynne Jackson

Executive Director: Dr. Deborah Reeve 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.