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[Interactive Sketchbooks]


"When can I draw what I want Miss Morningstar??" This is a constant question in the art room. Students always want their chance to do what they want, rather than push the boundries of their artwork with the artistic problems I challenge them with.


The funny thing is, when I let my middlers free draw, most of them have no idea where to start, or what to draw. To help with this, I created what I call and "Interactive Sketchbook." It's a place they can draw anything they want, but I have provided random and open ended prompts to help get them started if they are stuck. It is also where the students have specific pages to design their projects, complete thumbnail sketches, and explore color theory using specific worksheets I have placed in the book.


Everyday the students also complete a daily warm-up drawing which either connects to the materials being taught throught the current lesson, or gets them thinking creatively to create a small doodle.


Some of my warm-ups include:

"Draw you favorite food." "Draw an animal with super special shoes." "The Aliens have landed! What do they look like?" "Draw something that would make this sound: Ticka-ticka-ticka." It's fun, and it starts of the class with some funny creations.




**Pictures of the sketchbooks will be posted soon!**

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.