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Classroom Management Plan for Art Education


[Philosophy of Management]

I believe the ideal environment in an art classroom is one of comfort and respect. There will be a mutual respect between my students and myself, and between students. I will create an environment of independence and responsibility which will be reflected in my student’s everyday behavior, peer interactions, and class work. My students will engage in meaningful learning, as they will use are as a vehicle to create knowledge from their own person experiences. I want my students to be confident in their ideas, ask questions, and not be afraid to think outside the box, or try something new.


[Behavior Expectations]

Behavior expectations will be discussed with the students at the beginning of every semester. A list of expectations will also be posted in the classroom to serve as a visual reminder for the students. Positive reinforcement will be used to create a positive classroom environment. Students will be rewarded individually and as a group through the use of Mona Lisa Money, Star Charts and Paint Box Awards.


Student’s are expected to do the following: 

  • Enter the art room ready to learn. 
  • Be prepared, and have the materials needed for class. 
  • Be respectful - Not only of yourself and others, but also of the materials in the art room. 
  • Be responsible - Take care of supplies. 
  • Experiment! Try new things - There is no such thing as a mistake if you learn from it. 
  • Ask questions.
  • Be positive.

[Classroom Slogan or Motto]

“To be an artist is to believe in life.” Henri Matisse

“Art, it's your point of view"

“Do not fear mistakes, there are none.” – Miles Davis

"Art is every where; you just have to look for it!"

“The artist begins with a vision- a creative operation requiring an effort. Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse


These quotes describe what I believe is a positive classroom environment.  They encourage students to expand their ideas and challenge students to go above and beyond what they feel are their creative limits. They push students to expand what they feel they can accomplish.  It also provides a comfortable place for exploration as mistakes are seen as an opportunity to learn rather than something wrong.


[Physical Arrangement of Classroom]

Group Work Areas

My classroom will be arranged with group tables as work spaces. This will promote dialog between students about art that will aid them in producing the best work the can possibly create. These large tables also provide a bigger surface for the students to work.



Technology is very important in the present and future of art, and will be used when presenting new information to students. Computers and projectors allow for all students to experience art on a large scale. Programs such as Photo to Movie, and iMovie when creating engaging art presentations.



Organization in an art classroom is crucial. It is important for all materials and supplies to be in specific and clearly labeled places so that retrieval of these supplies does not take up the instructional and studio time. Students will learn and earn responsibility and trust as they will know the locations of desired materials to retrieve them as needed for the lessons.


The organization of student’s individual art work and supplies in personal drawers or portfolios is also essential in aiding an art student’s production of a work as they enter the art room for their class period. Through this organization of personal work, students’ work will be protected. This also allows students to know exactly where their specific materials are located and can begin working more quickly and efficiently.


Art Displays & Learning Walls

Bulletin boards and displays of art work from professional artists, and past students aid the learning, and idea generating processes as well as enhancing the students art knowledge visually. Art surrounds the students in my classroom. Displaying Artists’ Birthdays is a simple way to allow student to connect to particular artists as well.


A Learning Wall which clearly display essential questions and vocabulary for the current lessons assist in the application of ideas and concepts through art projects. Providing important art vocabulary in the form of a Word Wall also exposes students to key vocabulary which will be discussed in future lessons, and has been discussed in the past.


Student artwork will also fill the hallways of the school in artistic displays to praise students with exceptional ability, and serve as a constant reminder that art is important and should be respected.


[Classroom Rules]

Classroom rules will be explained to every class at the start of the semester, and will be clearly posted in the room. All of the rules in my art classroom are positive, and promote a comfortable working environment. They also help the students do extremely well in the class, as they promote behaviors that will assist in getting work accomplished. My Art Room Rules include:


1. Arrive ready to learn and create

2. Return materials to proper place, and clean up after yourself.

3. Respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

4. Always ask questions.

5. Listen quietly; follow directions.

6. Have Fun! But remember, hard work achieves greatness.


Every student that will walk through my classroom door will be different. Therefore, every classroom I teach will have a different feeling. This plan is an outline of what I feel is an effective and beneficial classroom environment. I want my classroom to be a place where my students are confident and excited to learn about art, and create art. It will be a place of equality where all students are recognized for their own unique gifts. I want to establish respect and cooperation, while at the same time allowing learning to be fun. I plan on accomplishing these things by having a specific set of rules, expectations, and routines that will allow my room to run smoothly. I also hope that I can make my love and excitement for art come alive in my classroom to create a positive and enjoyable place to learn.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.