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A Collaborative Student Art Exhibition


Photography students from Central Dauphin High School worked in conjunction with students from North Side Elementary School to create a cohesive exhibition of artworks, photographs, and written works. In the spirit of youthful imagination, the high school photographers were challenged to produce works inspired by the original artwork of the child with whom each is paired.


Each high school student received an image of an elementary student’s work, as well as a written statement from the artist spotlighting their intentions.  Both the high school and elementary students receive “profile sheets” containing a photograph of the artist/photographer each is paired up with, along with some personality traits and interests. The students involved in the project converged in the North Side Elementary Art Room, where they met eachother for the first time, chatted, laughed, and created paintings together.


After creating the works, the artists had the chance to see one another again and participate in a group show at a the Faulkner Fiat Dealership located in the Susquehanna Shoppes in Harrisburg PA. The dealership constistantly features local artists in their gallery space. The Action/ [Re]Action art exhibit will be featured in the gallery space for the month of March, 2011.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.