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 High school and university students are invited to create a podcast based on a gallery or museum object.  These podcasts form the self-guided tour that the class will use when they visit the museum. 


here is an example of a podcast created by a high school student, based on the slit drums shown at left.  The student created the podcast before viewing the item in person, and his first comment was, "Wow! They're even bigger than I thought!"












Here is an example of a university-level student's podcast.   In ART 305 - Art Disciplines Through New Technologies, we looked at podcasting for several different purposes.  Creating a short podcast as part of an anticipatory set or as an introduction to an artist or unit gave our pre-professional educators a way to fit podcasts into already written lesson plans.  This example of a podcast is by Sarah, and she is introducing the artist Motoi Yamamoto to her students as part of a unit on contemporary artists.






Another example of a student podcast was built aound a theme concerning The Millenial Generation.  In conjunction with an exhibition at the Univeristy Art Museum, CSULB, students wrote a 100 word script describing how they saw the millenial generation.  They also took 10-30 photographs to illustrate their script. 









This example is by Roxanne, and she was inspired by the style of Wes Anderson.






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.