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Rotoscoping using Photoshop


Rotoscoping is a technique in which animators draw over movie footage, frame by frame.  Using photoshop and the ability to work on a motion workspace with layers is a great way to create a hand-drawn look for animations.


Here is a link to a youtube video that walks through the entire process.


Step by step tutorial:    rotoscoping tutorial.pdf



This spring, my students collaborated on a rotoscoping project - each student drew 35 frames on a single movie, and the results are really fun!


Here is our class project:

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Group project instructions.pdf



Student examples of Rotoscoping:


Jared's Roto




Solangel's Roto

305 rodcasting video.mp4



Ysabel's Roto

The Face.mp4


Phary and Rhiannon's Throwing fish roto

Throwing Fish.mp4


Hosana, Jamie and Megan's Crane roto



Maritza's Boots roto

Scribbles and guitars.mp4




Sally's skateboard roto






PDF of my presentation at NAEA:

Roto presentation.pdf


As a movie, including all the student samples:



 For more information, you can visit my class webpage at:







 CAEA sample file:


singleCAEA - Medium.mov










DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.