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Podcasting II: The Renaissance of the Medium


I first presented on Podcasting at NAEA back in 2007, when I was teaching high school and was excited to find a way to get kids to use technology in research.  Podcasting was new and cool, and my students were excited to use a new technology.  Then it faded from view a bit, with most listeners (who were dedicated listeners!) a small and fairly nerdy group. 


Then Serial exploded onto the scene.  Serial was a story told of a murder and trial, told in weekly installations.  And podcasting began to draw a lot of attention, and lots of revenue.  Because it turns out, people who listen to podcasts, listen to a LOT of podcasts, and they're faithful listeners.


So this presentation was a re-examination of podcasting.  I never stopped using it, and my undergrads and credential students create podcasts for a number of assignments.  In this presentation, I look at how podcast technology has changed, and go through the basics of how to make podcasts.  It's fast, free, and easy!


Here is a pdf of the powerpoint I used:

Podcast II.pdf


Here is  a copy of the rubric I use to score podcasts:

podcast rubric.png


Here's a link to my class website where I have some instructions on how to create podcasts:



And here are some student examples



What does it mean to be Millenial?





An Artist Research Project





Tell me about your artistic process



Also an artistic process video



Tell me about where you work on your art



 Here is a link to my current class podcasts:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiiPaJB_y3L5ElhweZp1OJYcDSepJbDv1




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.