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Flipgrid - Art Education Technology group


This powerpoint is a 4 minute mini-"pecha kucha" style presentation that introduces FlipGrip.  Justin Makemson (from Univeristy of New Mexico) and I are working collaboratively as we teach our art education technology courses.


This powerpoint is really large, so I am going to break it up into smaller sections - Here is a pdf of the slides (minus the video action!)



Here are the first 6 slides - many of them have video embedded-12:


slides 7-8:


Slide 9


Slide 10:


Slide 11:


Slide 12-13:


Slides 14-15:




Graphic Organizers, How-To Videos and Complex Skills


Another presentation that is a collaboration with Justin Makemson.  We have worked together on creating a series of assignments, with each of us having a different interpretations.  The things we have in common is using technology and asking students to consider each step in delivering instruction.



here's a pdf of the presentation:


Gatlin Makemson NAEA 2019 RF.pdf 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.