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My name is Laurie Gatlin.


Before becoming an associate professor of Art Education at California State University, Long Beach, I was a high school art teacher for 15 years.  I became a teacher kind of by "mistake" -- I figured I'd teach a couple of years until I got a real job in the arts, but along the way, I found out how much I really loved teaching.  Where else can you go where every day you're up to your elbows in art, and there's always more to learn?


I am taking that experience of teaching in the public schools and using it to inform my university students, and beginning student teachers.  I am excited to be building a community of learners!


I completed my doctorate at Indiana University, where my research is on the artmaking process and instructional strategies.  As I worked in the public schools, I found that I created my classroom teaching around the use of a sketchbook as a portable studio; a studio that my students could enter at any time.  My work with sketchbooks as ways of understanding the world has become the core of my investigation into art teaching practice. 


In my own teaching practice, I found that I was more interested in the process of art making than the finished products, and that has also guided my research and teaching.  I have taught middle school, high school, undergraduate and graduate level courses, and have a particular interest in working with exceptional students, both gifted/talented and students with disabilities. 


I love talking about sketchbooks and teaching!  Please contact me if you have any interesting news or questions about sketchbooks or visual journals and what you're doing with them!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.