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artist/teachers & inquiry

as i work as an artist and teacher i am constantly confronted by interesting problems and questions about art practice within the context of our contemporary culture. through my research,  employing various approaches, i seek to examine and make appropriate and meaningful connections.


I am interested in how others have maintained a sense of equilibrium between the role of teacher and artist. For me, it is an ongoing struggle, sometimes like living two separate lives  that do not seem compatible and other times each seem to feed off of and inform the other.


see the prezi from this discussion about the common pursuit of inquiry espoused by artists and teachers given to the Department of DAAP (design archecture, art and planning) on the university of cincinnati campus in January 2012.


artist/teacher & inquiry

I was excited to be asked to exhibit my work with my students in show entitled, A + T= inspiration squared at Utah State University.  I loved idea of the overlap of teacher and artist in a gallery space. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.