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what began as a collaboration with mark edwards, a graphic arts teacher, created a yearlong exporation between my classroom and the classrooms of multiple disciplines.  here's a website that shares some of the collaborations > Collaboration with other educators.

There are many reasons that I believe teachers should collaborate with other teachers and have their students work collaboratively on projects.  One strong argument is the current domain of the artist involves interdisciplinary knowledge and the contemporary work environment request constant adaption and teamwork. 

Here are a few key reasons that I collaborate: 

1-students can learn the importance of communication and value of interpersonal relationships

2- students understand that art form has exponential possibilities

3- students come to explore and appreciate new ‘art’ forms and

4- Collaboration can get them to think outside of the box and are more open to divergent paths of thinking

the blending of the fine and graphic arts. mark collected a large assortment of images teenagers pulled from popular culture.  we explored the idea of how high school students screen media through their adolescent experiences.  




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.