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        The Museum of Arts & Culture is the only Regents-chartered museum located in a school in the State of New York.  Through a combination of original and visiting exhibits—and programs—the MAC’s Donald Baughman Galleries have been providing an on site museum experience for students and serving as an       important cultural asset for the community since 2006.  The Museum of Arts & Culture is a program of the non-profit New Rochelle Fund for Excellence.


The Museum of Arts & Culture opened in October, 2006 with an exhibit on loan from the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts, Norman Rockwell in the 1940’s: A View of the American Homefront. Since then the MAC has continued to provide innovative arts programming.


It begins each season being part of New  Rochelle’s Annual ArtsFest.  Exhibits have ranged from shows of local professional artists; including NRHS Art Alumni,  Ted Meyer, Mia Brownell and Marie Hines Cowan; to those introducing artists from other regions, such as Debra Hampton and Chris Burns. Other exhibitions included, a group show highlighting the NR Adult Education Ceramics class, children’s book illustrators Greg Christie and The Crews Family: Donald Crews, Ann Jonas and Nina Crews. In 2010 the MAC hosted an original exhibit Harlem? Harlem! Dance Theatre of Harlem that also included a free performance by the Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble. Annually, the AP Art classes as well as the    National Art Honor Society exhibit their work, as well as seniors for their W.I.S.E. projects.


This year began with the largest exhibition in the MAC to date. Collaborating with professional      artists, the New Rochelle Public Library, the NRHS Art Department and over 700 students,  this amazing “Day of the Dead” celebration is a grand accomplishment! The celebration incorporated The Big Read,   dancers, musicians, theatre, and the Visual Arts. The MAC is proud to be part of the continuing efforts of cross-curricular education for K-12 students, as well as the public.




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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.