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How to Submit Your Resources


First, become familiar with our goal, mission, evaluation process, criteria, and submission guidelines. Then write up your plan, gather supporting documents, and email them to cstaedigication@gmail.com



 PDF of Submission Guidelines:


CSTAE - OCP - Call for Submissions - 2017-18 Final.pdf


 How will submissions be evaluated?


All art educators are encouraged to submit resources to the CSTAE peer-review committee. Resources may be project based, including descriptions and sequencing, rubrics, slideshows/historical and contemporary context, student examples, idea generation, and reflection worksheets. Resources could also be program-based, which might include syllabi or semester themes. Another possibility is to submit URLs that meet the criteria.


Three out of five of the criteria must be addressed. Resources will be evaluated on a scale of 1-5 for each of the five criteria, with a total of at least 10 to be considered.


Participants will be contacted four weeks after the following deadlines:


        • October 15
        • June 15

(Depending on the volume of submissions participants may be contacted earlier.)


Resource Criteria


1. Interdisciplinarity - Resources engage interdisciplinary study by making connections to the wide spectrum of social theory (disciplines listed above).

2. Visual Culture - Resources enhance student understanding of visual culture by expanding perspectives on what counts as art.

3. Research - Resources encourage forms of inquiry through making, studying, investigating and discussing the ways in which art and society shape one another.

4. Relevance - Resources address contemporary student interests.

5. Social Justice - Resources draw attention to, mobilize action towards, or attempt to intervene in systems of inequity or injustice (Dewhurst 2010).


Submission Guidelines


Digital Information

- Please save all files as follows: 

your last name_type of resource_lesson title_year

- Please compress all files and send them tocstaedigication@gmail.com. Another option is to contact Derek Fenner to join a Dropbox folder.

- Please save text documents and slideshows as PDFs, 20 MB or smaller.

- Your image, video, or audio will be shown at most 500px wide.

- Images will be resized to fit within this dimension, preserving their original aspect ratio.

- File size limit: Each file must be 20MB or smaller.
- The following file types are accepted:

          Single Images: bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff
          Audio: mp3, wav
          Video: avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, swf, wmv



Suggested Lesson Support


- Lesson plan

- Student worksheets for idea generation

- Student worksheets for reflection/assessment

- Slideshows (cultural context, student examples, etc.)

- URLs to related topics

- PDFs of articles, news stories, etc.

- APA or MLA format

- Label artworks: artist, title, year, media, size


NAEA Artwork Permission + Photo Release Form


 To download an artwork and photo form click on the link below:







DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.