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Contemporary Art, Theory, and Pedagogy

a course on teaching for MFA students who plan to teach

Theoretical revisionings of such concepts as self, identity, language, representation, and knowledge, as well as contemporary practices of art, design, and aesthetic valuing, challenge traditional art academy and modernist art school pedagogical models of teaching art and design.


In this course, participants will examine the assumptions underlying their own arts education and will consider how to structure contemporary curriculum that reflects the complexity of current practice in (and among) their disciplines.

Students will formulate teaching practices that foreground the discontinuities, conflicts, and inconsistencies inherent in teaching art and design in a heterogeneous, culturally diverse global society, viewing these as generative sites in contemporary artistic discourses.


Recognizing that there are no simple sets of foundational principles for contemporary art and design, this course will examine how artist/teachers can impart complex practices of meaning-making to students while teaching students to make things.

Students will consider how the emerging field of visual cultural will influence 21st-century  teaching of art and design. Participants will investigate the meaning of personal and collective styles—both aesthetic and pedagogical—as they relate to developing an artistic identity and an artistic voice through which the artist/teacher/student can represent and shape personal and social experience.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Break out group of MFA students consider their assumptions about aesthetics by reenacting a Fluxus score:

Arrange nine crackers on a table. Ask someone to choose the most beautiful cracker from the grouping. Smash the remaining crackers with your fist.

Davi Det Hompson, 1969

For a description of Cracker Aesthetics activity,

see the Project and Activity Plans chapter in the Olivia Gude e-Portfolio 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.