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TINTURA painting and colour workshops are specially designed for babies and toddlers. They draw on children’s natural attraction to colours and textures, starting with observation and progressing onto active artworks. TINTURA provides both the parent and the child with relaxed, fun time together and follows Scandinavian methods of art education to enhance parents’ understanding of their child’s non-verbal communication and emerging personality. You will have a great time together and bring home some quirky, unique artworks – with someone else cleaning up afterwards!

TINTURA was founded by Marika Tomu Kaipainen. Marika Tomu knows from her own experience that being a parent can be an exciting, joyful, daunting and exhausting experience – sometimes with ‘four seasons in one day’. It is important for the parent and the child alike to find gentle activities that help break the domestic routine without overpowering either with excessive stimuli. TINTURA aims to promote happy, relaxed and child-orientated interaction between parents and children through art-based exercises. Above all - that shared happy moments are fundamental to early bonding, and that creative family activities enable both the adult and the child to learn from and about one another. 

TINTURA operates in a baby-friendly setting, using home-prepared paints that are vegetable-, fruit- and foodstuff-based. In all of TINTURA arts workshops, Marika Tomu only uses colours that originate from foodstuffs i.e. food ingredients. Most of the time the berries, vegetables and spices (blackberries, strawberries, buckthorn, rowan, roseberries, currants among others) are organic. Those are in their various forms – dried, crushed, jellied, as fool, icy, warm etc.


The audience of arts workshops is mostly babies and toddlers. In the workshops they paint paper and cloth with various “tools” as fingers, brushes, plastic cars, curlers or balls and colors are examined with multiple senses by touching, looking, tasting, smelling and even listening. The foodstuffs are transformed into paintings, sculptures, arrangements, reliefs or art piqueniques such as a chocolate castle or “an arts cake”.

The purpose of the foodstuffs workshop is to encourage the participants to visual expression with, multi-sensory exploration of and plain marvelling at the safe materials. TINTURA workshops are for everyone from babies to grandparents but as mentioned, mostly the audience is the youngest of the family. The workshops are suited for visually impaired people as well. They offer a clear feeling of the color by scent, taste and feel. Babies and toddlers participate with their parent(s). Tintura has also sessions for school kids and a adults - sensory art workshops and foodstuff art.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.