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TINTURA is a pioneer in foodstuff art and social art methods for babies. TINTURA follows lightly Scandinavian methods of art education to enhance parents’ understanding of their child’s non-verbal communication and emerging personality. TINTURA was founded by Marika Tomu Kaipainen.

Marika Tomu Kaipainen was originally planning a career in the social field as a social educator, she had a change of heart following the births of her children in 2003 and 2005. She re-educated herself in art education and started offering art sessions for under-one-year-olds in Helsinki in spring 2008.On demand, she also developed a class for toddlers, which started in August 2008; these and baby sessions are now offered on The Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki. Nowadays she is offering art sessions occasionally at the Helsinki City Art Museum, the Järvenpää Art Museum and the Helsingin Kuvataidekoulu. She is a qualified community artist and regularly complements the sessions with community art and foodstuff art style. She has also developed art sessions for school kids and also for adults - in a frame of sensory art workshops and foodstuff art.


All children are different and while some may instantly take to experimenting with arts materials, others may actually feel a little intimidated by their first workshop as a wholly new social experience. They may not want to take part very actively, and only want to be held and/or to observe. This is just as valid a way of participation as a more ‘hands on’ approach. However, with plenty of parental or carer's reassurance, most children will soon show active enjoyment.
All participating families are encouraged to proceed at their own pace and do more or do less depending on the child’s mood. You are also always welcome to attend to your child’s needs during our session, be it feeding or changing, or anything in between!

Ellen Dissanayake said that - Art makes things special.

TINTURA encourages families to discover the joy of creative activities from an early age. Early exposure to different textures, materials and colours helps young children to make more detailed observations about the world around them. Art is also a form of expression; the pre-verbal babies communicate through materials and colours before language begins to surface. For older children, creating their own artwork will boost confidence and belief in their own abilities. Above all, however, it is the close parental attention in a peaceful setting that will encourage children’s emerging personalities to blossom.
For parents, the added benefits include new social networks with like-minded parents and the pleasure of bringing home your child’s artwork (with no cleaning to do).

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.