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GOT SUMMER PLANS for 2019? Plan to join us...

Immerse yourself in The Museum Experience: Exploring Form+Theme+Context (FTC)™ by spending four, art-filled days in Washington, DC, exploring permanent collections, current exhibitions, and at least 8 different museums--as works of art!   

SummerVision DC 2019: July 16-19 

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, enjoy what more than 325 delighted past participants have experienced, SummerVision DC can help you develop “new eyes” and, in the words of many past participants, transform yourself personally and professionally within a museum setting.  Whether you are a preservice, novice, veteran, or retired art or non-art educator who participates in schools, museums, art organizations, or other settings, SummerVision DC is designed to nurture YOU, the nurturer, as an active learner!  As you interact with diverse educators in our evolving Professional Learning Community (PLC) from all over the US and beyond, you will experience exemplary museum practices through inspirational hands-on gallery activities, creatively use your own Portable Studio for daily Marking & Mapping™ visual journaling, engage in exploratory research, study original art objects, receive museum packets, link your learning to the Standards’ Creating, Responding, Presenting and Connecting art processes, and much more.  




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Any questions? CONTACT summervisiondc@gmail.com      


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.