DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Spiral Workshop groups, since 2001


2012     Spiral Director: Olivia Gude

Nomad: Contemporary Art Practices

Periphery: Painting & Pastels

Silence: Image & Language

Trace: Experimental Drawing 


2011     Spiral Director: Olivia Gude 

Agency of Recollection: Assorted Practices

Bureau of Misdirection: Mixed Media

Department of Decomposition: Painting

2010   Spiral Director: Olivia Gude 

Fluidity: Wet Media

Liminality: Alternative Practices

Uncertainty: Narrative Art


2009     Spiral Director: Olivia Gude 

Degenerate: Painting

Outsider: Alternative Media

Weird: Collage and Computers 


2008     Spiral Directors: Olivia Gude & Jessica Poser

Accidental: Sculpting

Apparitions: Painting

Becoming: Drawing and Collage

(Dis)Order: Drawing and Computers

Time Travel: Moving Image


2007     Spiral Directors: Olivia Gude & Jessica Poser

Drawing Dirty Pictures

Ice, Bling, and Shiny Things: Flossin’ with Contemporary Computers

Painting So Cute & Creepy 

Sneaking In/Breaking Out: (De)Constructing Home


2006     Spiral Director: Jessica Poser

Blending Fact and Fiction 

Serious Fun: Drawing on Laughing Matters 

3D Hybridity: Fibers and Forms

2005     Spiral Directors: Olivia Gude & Jessica Poser

Chromophobia: Painting in a Culture of Fear

Counterfeit Evidence: Re-Rendering Reality

Drawing Danger: Making Monsters

Subversive Identity: Breaking Culture Codes


2004     Spiral Director: Olivia Gude

Conflict & Resolution: Pencils and Pixels

Drawing the Venom: Punk, Process, & Print

Painting: Panic, Pressure, & Pleasure

Time Bomb: Space & Time in Contemporary Art

2003     Spiral Director: Olivia Gude

Beautiful and Bad Painting


Weird Drawing 

Digital Body


2002     Spiral Director: Olivia Gude

Digital Self Image

Imperfect Imprint

Look Natural (Drawing)

Women’s Work: Make Art

2001     Spiral Director: Olivia Gude

Express Yourself!

Portrait of the Young Artist as a Contemporary Teen



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.