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Ten Seconds Studios Texture Tools

The stylus (from the eraser set) is my absolute favorite of these because it gives me the freedom to create my own lines and textures.


Maid-o'-Metal Tooling Foil

This tooling foil is the perfect thickness for my work and I like having the option between silver or gold tones.  Not too expensive either (around $20 for 12" X 25').


Needle Felting Multi-Tool

The multi-tool speeds up the process of needle felting larger works.  I love the Colonial style which also helps to make it easier to grip and work with for long periods of time.


Fuseworks Fused Glass Started Kit

When I found this I was so excited to discover that you could fuse real glass together in your home MICROWAVE!  The gloves and glass cutter provided are not the best but work well enough and you can only create relief style and up to about 3" but its a great way to start making fused glass peices for things like jewelry.

Other Glass Tools

These breaking pliers have a nice rubber tip to prevent crushing with a guide line th help you break in just the right place.

The Studio Pro glass cutter gives you a better handle on the blade allowing you more control when cutting.  While you can add oil to this cutter I use it without the oil.

The blue gloves seem to provide a little more protection form the heat of the kiln.  They look pretty cool too.  Sorry I don't remember the brand name.

The Imaginisce trimming tool is great for smoothing out the rough edges.  Removing larger bulges would not be practicle witht his tool but it does make the edges nice and smooth.  It comes with three different tips that you can use for other things as well. 

Big-Bite Crop-A-Dile

Anyone who has tried to use a regular hole punch for thicker boards or tried to reach the center of a wide paper/board will appreciate this creation.  I especially like that there are two hole sizes to choose from.  It's great for making your own tip-in journals.

Crafter's Ultimate Super Glue

I'm pretty sure this glue can do it all!  I love that it has no nasty fumes and won't damage any of the materials that I use.  On top of all that...it really works to hold all kinds of materials together.  My favorite glue ever!

Strathmore Visual Journal - Watercolor

This little sketchbook is wonderfully portable (I keep one in my purse all the time) and the quality of the paper is great.  I use this along with my watercolor pencils and aqua brush  to creat on the go.  It's a good size for ATCs too.  I trim the images down to ATC size after they are complete and dry.

Aqua Brush and Watercolor Pencils

I love having watercolor pencils around because they offer convienience and flexibility.  The box of this Crayola set props up for easy access and is small enough to fit in my purse (with my journal).  I do like Prismacolor brand better, but Crayola is a close second.

I absolutely love my Aqua Brush!  You fill the handle with water which feeds into the bristles of the brush as you paint.   A little squeeze will get you more moisture.  It's the perfect companion for my watercolor pencils.  I hope they make interchangable brush tips at some point.

Speedball Linocutter Handle, LinoZips and Easycut

I really like the Speedball  linocutter handles because they are of great quality,  you can store extra blades in the handle, and it's really easy to load and remove the blazes. 

Even though they are a little more expensive I really prefer the linozips over regular lino blades.  I believe that they are safer and easier to use.  They are especially useful for adding surface details when carving a pumpkin underwater!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.