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Heather Lea Kostal


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I updated the My Work section today.  Several new oil paintings and illustrations are now featured in my gallery. 

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Could there be any more ways to make a digital footprint?  I realized I hadn't updated my NAEA digication portfolio since August, and it occurred to me how many things I update online....!  My artsonia galleries, my art stories blog, my classroom blog, my twitter, facebook.  AND I just graduated from Boston Universities Masters in Art Education program online.  That is a lot of computer time!  I only spent 10 super busy days in Boston this past summer, and countless hours in front of my computer over the last 18 months, and working on studio projects in the kitchen.  It was a fantastic, worthwhile, and rewarding experience.  The art teacher in me has been renewed, refreshed and is bursting with new skills and knowledge I cannot wait to share with my students.  I will be sure to keep you updated...somehow!

By the way, some of my students were recently featured on the Crystal Productions student art gallery page!  Scroll down to the Aliens!  and Monochromatic Identity to see my kids' work.


I was recently published in SchoolArts Magazine.  You can read my article here.  What a thrill to see my students' art in the pages of a magazine! 


I started a blog filled with stories from the art room.  No Corner Suns is filled with everyday happenings and some useful advice from my experiences.  I think most art teachers will find something they can relate with in each anecdote, and hopefully learn from my daily grind!

I continually strive to keep my art program in the foreground of the minds of parents, faculty and administrators in my school district.  I hang displays, send out newletters and keep all projects up to date on Artsonia.com's online art gallery.  My students are entered in national and state exhibitions and contests.  I am my student's biggest fan.  I want everyone to know what they can do and how much they can achieve in the art room.  I want everyone to see how a quality art education will crossover to other studies and throughout life.

If you want a sneak peek into my classroom and daily operations take a look at one of my short videos, Art Rules!  It's a little dated now, but has all the ins and outs of my daily routine and some awesome original music.


                                            Me in the Art Room - Bernard Third Grade                                      

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